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Applications for International Protection

In Turkey, the Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) is the institution in charge of  international protection .

People who leave their home country because of war or persecution, and who cannot return because of facing the danger of death or torture, may get a legal status, namely international protection, in order to stay in Turkey. Therefore, they should apply to the Immigration Administration (IGIM) in the province of their residence .

As temporary protection is given to Syrian refugees in Turkey, Syrian refugees cannot apply for international protection.

In order to benefit from temporary protection and to legally stay in Turkey, the asylum seeker shall apply to the Provincial Directorate of Migration and make a registration there.

The asylum seeker shall provide accurate information about her/his identity and shall bring other documents that are necessary for the registration.

Pre-registration certificates are issued in the first 30 days and are valid until the entitled person receives the “Temporary Protection Identity Certificate”.

In addition to this, refugees from other countries than Syria cango to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and to Turkish Governmental Authorities in order to  register.

Resettlement to  a Third Country

Resettlement to a third country is a solution that allows refugees to be sent from the country they are currently refugees to another, a third, country where they will have access to the protection and assistance they need.

However, the provision of a refugee status does not mean that a refugee will always be part of a resettlement process to a third country.

Resettlement to a third country is not a right and is therefore not an application-based process. Due to the limited availability of quotas for third country settlements, only a very small number of refugees can be resettled toa third country, giving priority to the most vulnerable and those most at risk.

Refugees cannot request resettlement toa third country. UNHCR works in close cooperation with the DGMM to identify those cases that have the most sensitive situation.

The final decisions on the resettlement are made by the third country, namely refugee-accepting country, not by UNHCR itself.

The following institutions provide support for international and temporary protection:


 Adress: Tiflis Cad. 552. Sok. No:3 Sancak Mah. 06550 Ankara

 Phone: 0312 409 70 00

 Fax: 0312 441 21 73



 Adress: İstasyon Mahalle, Terminal 1. Sokak Hayırlar Caddesi 40/2 Van

 Phone: 0432 2155470 – 2143630

 Fax: 0432 2148404

Adress: Aşağı Dikmen Mah. Galip Erdem Cad. No:42 Çankaya/ANKARA

 Phone: +90 312 427 55 83

 Phone: +90 312 212 60 12

 Phone: +90 312 212 60 13

 Faks : +90 312 212 60 14

 Faks : +90 312 212 60 15

 E-Mail: [email protected]r

 Counseling Line: 444 48 68

By dialing “157” from anywhere in Turkey and +90 312157 11 22 from abroad, you can access services 24 hours 7 days per week in Turkish, English, Arabic, Russian, Persian and German. You can call YIMER 157 for any kinds of questions related to foreigners´ problems such as your entrance to Turkey, your stay in Turkey or your exit from Turkey.

You can also ask them about procedures concerning international protection or temporary protection or you can get information about the rights and obligations of foreigners staying in Turkey with different statuses. Furthermore, you can notice or call them (even in an emergency) for any cases related to human trafficking.