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Social Security and Treatment Fees

If you have a valid work permit in Turkey and are actively working, and your insurance premiums are paid, you can have access to free treatment by scheduling an appointment at training research hospitals and university hospitals, just like other Turkish citizens.

If you’re covered by the general health insurance for foreigners (except private health insurance), you can benefit from the health services just like Turkish citizens, as long as your premiums are paid regularly.

If you have no legal status in Turkey, or not registered in any public insurance system, if you have residency permit but have private health insurance, it’s not possible for you to access HIV treatment for free. Since HIV treatment is a very expensive and life-long treatment, it’s not likely for you to pay for its fee. You can call our refugee hotline to get more information on free treatment access.

If you are a Syrian refugee under temporary protection, or a refugee under international protection, you can schedule an appointment for infectious diseases department at the closest training and research hospital, along with your foreigner ID number by following the relevant steps on, or by calling Alo 182. Since the appointment services are in Turkish, you can call our hotline for assistance.

If you’re from Syria and haven’t completed your temporary protection registration yet,

please go to your local immigration office and complete your registration.

If you have the pre-registration document starting with the number 98, you can go to your local immigration office with your HIV test result, and given your health condition, you can apply for priority in registration process.

You should remember that you can only get health service at a hospital located in the city you’re registered in. If you scheduled an appointment at a university hospital, you might need to get a transfer document from a public hospital before the examination.

If you don’t have a legal status in Turkey, you can call our support line to get information on relevant services.

For all your inquires and help requests, you can call our hotline at +90 505 019 7148 and get service in both Arabic and English.