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Medication Side Effects

Since the first-used medications in HIV treatment, countless studies have been conducted on reducing the side effects of the medication and there have been positive outcomes. While the medication side effects used in early years of HIV treatment affected the daily lives of people living with HIV, medications not affecting daily life are used in HIV treatment today.

Today’s HIV treatment medications are not expected to show side effects in early days. However, side effects such as fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea might occur in the early weeks of medication use, which gradually disappear. And these side effects are mostly stress-related.

If you experience unusual, consistent effects that don’t gradually disappear, or get more severe, you must consult your doctor immediately. Despite the reduced medication side effects, everyone might experience different effects.

Although developments in short term side effects of medication used in HIV treatment is also observed in long term side effects, it’s always possible to have medication side effects due to long term medication use.

Routine check-ups will help you eliminate these possible side effects before they occur. Please do not skip your routine check-ups and regularly have the tests requested by your doctor.

Long term side effects of HIV treatment vary, but usually increase in blood lipids, decrease in bone mineral density, cardiovascular diseases might occur.