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HIV and Pet Care

Pets gradually become part of our home lives even more and become our closest friends. When you’re living with your pets, who reduce the stress of city life and share your loneliness, you should mind their health as much as you mind yours.

Regular vet controls, regular vaccination, regular use of internal and external parasite medications would suffice to ensure a safe life with your pet while you’re living with HIV.

Another important issue that cat owners should mind is the Toxoplasmosis infection. Toxoplasmosis parasite, which is usually found in cats consuming raw meat or foods, interacting with the street and stray animals, might be transmitted to you. To protect yourself from Toxoplasmosis, you should feed your cat with dry cat food, avoid feeding it with raw meat, and you should also not consume rare-cooked meat. You should not touch your cat’s feces nor neglect its parasite medications.

If you get diagnosed while feeding a pet at home, you don’t have to separate your ways with your pet as long as you meet the conditions mentioned above. Same applies for those who decide to adopt a pet while living with HIV.

Wish you a happy life with your cute friends.