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Sexual Health Hygiene is related to self-care and basic hygiene. Hand washing, facial cleansing and bathing habits also directly affect one´s sexual hygiene.


Recommendations for sexual hygiene are the following:


– Regularly wash your hands with soap and water;


– Keep genitals clean and dry;


– Don´t use wet wipes, perfumed solutions or similar for cleaning your genitals;


– Use cotton and non-tight underwear, pay attention to wearing clean underwear;


– Don’t postpone urination after sexual intercourse and in all other situations;


– While using sanitary pads, change them after 3 – 4 hours maximum and clean your genitals with every change of the sanitary pads;


– Don´t use towels, swimwear, underwear or similar that belongs to others;


– Go to regular health checks for the early detection of possible diseases;


– Don´t brush your teeth before oral sex, instead just perform oral care with mouth rinsing products.