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Within the scope of the project, there are three main protection mechanisms, namely Service Units, Outreach Work and a Hotline. 

 Service Units

 Service Units are places where protection activities for refugees will be executed directly. 

 In total, there are 5 services units, based in  Ankara, Denizli, Eskişehir and two in Istanbul. Within the service units, various activities such as the provision of information, awareness-raising events, case management and counseling are conducted for both individuals and groups. 

 If you need any of the services provided in the scope of the project, you can directly contact the Service Units. 

 Outreach work

 Outreach work is carried out in order to provide support services for the purpose of the project, mainly in areas where Service Units are not available or in areas where Service Units are not accessible.

 Outreach workers reach out to key refugee groups, inform them about their work, identify  cases and make referrals to other relevant institutions. 

Various project partners and cooperating institutions provide information about sexual and reproductive health and legal assistance regarding international protection and access to diverse support mechanisms.

Furthermore, they offer capacity building and case management for victims of violence and they provide guidance upon other required needs.


  • The hotline is established to reach beneficiaries in an extensive manner. 
  • Through the hotline, you can get information about the services in the service units and you can report any problems. 
  • The hotline provides you with information and it may direct you to various other institutions that may be helpful for you.
  • You can reach the hotline 7 days a week, 24 hours per day by dialing 0850 888 0 539 
  • You can call the hotline from anywhere in Turkey free of charge.

UNHCR provides legal guidance as well as guidance on registration and application processes. For support and further information you can check out UNHCR’s

Ankara Office

Adress: Tiflis Cad. 552. Sok. No:3 Sancak Mah. 06550 Ankara

Phone: +90 312 409 70 00

Van Office

Adress: İstasyon Mahalle, Terminal 1. Sokak Hayırlar Caddesi 40/2 Van

Phone: +90 432 2155470 – 2143630

Refugee Rights Turkey provides legal support, monitoring and other case-based services for asylum seekers. On their website, the organization provides information about International Protection and Health Services in Turkey for people who seek international protection and who ask for information regarding the access to education and the labor market.


Address : Dr. Refik Saydam Cad. Dilber Apt. No: 39 Daire: 11 Kat: 4 Şişhane, Beyoğlu – İstanbul

Phone : +90 212 292 48 30 – +90 212 292 48 33

E-mail : [email protected]

The Human Resource Development Foundation offers counseling and support on legal issues, health and education. It is one of the partner organizations of UNHCR.

Address: Yeni Çarşı Cad. No: 34 Beyoğlu / İstanbul 34425

Phone : +90 212 293 1605


ASAM carries out the pre-registration process for refugees. This is the first step for the application for international protection for those individuals who do not originally come from European countries and for those who are not covered by a status of temporary protection.

The first step while seeking asylum and applying for international protection is to pre-register in the Ankara office of ASAM which is working with UNHCR

In addition, ASAM conducts outreach operations. It is one of the institutions that UNHCR cooperates with.

Address: Aşağı Dikmen Mah. Galip Erdem Cad. No:42 Çankaya/ANKARA

Phone : +90 312 212 60 12-13-14

E-mail:[email protected]

Website :

The Refugee Support Center Association provides legal support.
The Association can be reached directly through their hotline.

Hotline: +90 312 427 27 02


Phone : +90 0312 427 27 02

E-mail : [email protected] Website :