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I Am Newly Diagnosed

You learned that you tested positive. And you don’t know what to do? Or trying to deal with the disaster scenarios in your head while trying to figure out what’s going on? You may experience an emotional shock, intense anxiety and panic. Tons of thoughts such as transmitting it to others, death, everyone discovering your condition might erupt. Take a break here now. Take a deep breath and let your body relax. Because we are here, we are with you.

It’s normal to worry so much if this happened to you unexpectedly and out of your control, and if the future seems vague. It might have left you with a big question mark, searching for answers. And if you have no one to consult, it means that you’re stuck with online information. But which ones are accurate and reliable? Since you’re reading this, let’s stop here for a second before you worriedly check the online information!

Unfortunately it’d be hard to tell apart the up-to-date and scientifically valid information. You can check our website compiled from World Health Organization’s data and scientific medical studies, and access reliable information through an accurate source.

Before proceeding with knowledge acquisition, let’s clarify a few important issues first:

HIV/AIDS is not fatal.

HIV/AIDS does not shorten your lifespan.

HIV/AIDS does not affect your sex life.

HIV and AIDS are not two different diseases.

HIV is the name of the virus, while AIDS is the advanced stage you get to when you don’t take treatment.

People living with HIV taking the treatment do not get to AIDS stage.

You cannot tell if someone is living with HIV by looking from outside.

You are not legally obliged to tell your family or anyone that you’re living with HIV.

Because HIV does not transmit in social environments.

HIV treatment is covered by state for free within general health coverage.

After this brief introduction, now you can check the sections we prepared for you. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, or if your daily life is highly affected by your concern, feel free to contact us. Remember, we are with you at every stage and we look at life in a positive way!